Frequently Asked Question for Instructors

Let’s assume you are asking this question because you don’t have a test already booked and you can’t find one at your preferred test centre in time.

Slight problem – we need you to have a test booked for us to be able to search for cancellations for you.

Don’t worry – we have a cunning plan.

See How can I find a driving test when there are none

Fun fact: You can have more than one valid theory certificate. When you pass the theory test your certificate is valid for a fixed period of 2 years. If your old certificate is nearing expiry you can take another test. When you pass your new certificate will be valid for 2 years from the date of the test. If you fail your current certificate will still be valid until it’s expiry date

3 simple steps to finding a driving test when there are none

  • Step 1
  • Look up which test centres have driving test available from the drop down list at
  • Step 2
  • Book test at It doesn’t matter where – or even when particularly. But not too soon. The more time we have to look the more likely we are to find something. Just book something – anything you can get. It doesn’t matter where because we won’t look at that test centre unless you ask us to.
  • Step 3
  • Now we’ve got something to work with you can set up your cancellation test search. Tell us the test centre(s) where you really want the test and any dates you cannot be available.

Sit back and relax while we get to work looking for your test.

Standard Instructor account – free

With a free Standard Account you can

  • view and edit your pupil’s Learner Account details
  • be notified of, and accept reserved tests for pupils
  • set dates you are unavailable for individual Learner Accounts
  • set dates you are unavailable for all your pupil’s Learner accounts ie holidays etc

Pupil must add your ADI number and contact details to their Learner Account.

Premium Instructor Account

Upgrade to a Premium Instructor Account for £24.99 per month

  • to set up unlimited Learner Accounts for your pupils at no extra charge to you or the pupil
  • 5 active searches at any one time
  • up to 3 checked for each active search every few minutes

If you have been convicted of a serious motoring offence the court may have ordered you to pass an Extended Driving Test before your driving licence can be reissued.

The Extended Driving Test is twice as long as a normal driving test. So this requires the same driving examiner to be available for two booking slots in a row. As you can imagine the probability of the same examiner having two consecutive test slots cancelled at the same time is vanishingly tiny.

We totally rely on the DVSA online booking service to find and change driving test bookings. In our experience the DVSA online booking system is simply not effective for booking Extended Driving Tests.

Our advice is to telephone the DVSA Driving Test Booking service available 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday. We understand the operators can reallocate examiners to test slots if necessary to make Extended Tests possible. Something a human can do but the online system is simply incapable of.

  • Ensure that you keep the dates you are unavailable for any tests at all up to date in your instructor account details. We will ignore any tests that become available within those date ranges. This is honored for all searches where your ADI number has been provided whether or not the account is a Learner Account, one of your Pupil allowance or your subscription payments are up to date.
  • Edit your active Pupil and Learner accounts to fine tune available dates ie the last afternoon of an intensive course might only be acceptable for the pupil on that course.
  • Register as a business with the DVSA and ensure that your ADI number is included in all test bookings. The DVSA will then ensure, within some limitations, that you are not booked for two at the same time or too close together. For more information see

When you authorise us to go ahead and book a reserved test we will send you an email confirming we were either successful or unsuccessful. If the change was successful the DVSA will also send an email to confirm.

But things can go wrong. Emails can get delayed or lost for all sorts of reasons, mail boxes fill up or emails get redirected into junk folders. Not often but it can happen.

If you authorise a change of test and then hear nothing from us or the DVSA check either on the DVSA booking website at or by calling them on 0300 200 1122 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.

Our instructor accounts are not suitable for use by multiple instructors. The limit of 5 active searches at any one time is only really sufficient for one instructor.

But there is no reason why a driving school should not operate an account for each of their instructors.

There is no limit to the number of pupil accounts that you can set up on your account. But only 5 can be actively searching at any one time.

That may seem a bit of a restriction but it isn’t really. We can usually find an earlier test within a few days of starting the search. As soon as a test appointment is found for one pupil a search for another can be started. So 5 is probably the minimum number of new test appointments that are likely to be found over the course of a month.

How you allocated your allowance of 5 active pupil accounts is entirely at your discretion.

Some possibilities are

  • Free to your pupils for as long as and as many tests as required as part of your service
  • Free to pupils needing a retest only
  • Charge a fee – our current fee for a single pupil test is £14.99
    (what you choose to charge is up to you – but the pupil will soon find out how much we charge). is a purely online service to learner drivers and driving instructors. To keep the cost of the service as competitive as possible we do not operate a telephone call centre. We strive to keep the site as simple and intuitive to use as possible and helpful suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Most queries are covered by the FAQ pages and we are more than happy to deal with any other enquiries by email.

You can contact us by email here.

There is no minimum term. You can cancel at anytime.

In fact you can stop and start the service whenever you like.

Payments are monthly in advance sent automatically from your PayPal account, unless you cancel before the due date. In which case the service and any active searches will stop on that date.

All account details will be retained and you will still be able to log in to edit and create new pupil accounts so that you can restart at anytime.

The first month is free.

There is nothing to pay when you sign up but you will need to set up a monthly PayPal subscription which is like a standing order at a bank. Your subscription will be paid automatically every month until you cancel. If you cancel before the first payment is due you will not be charged.

We are confident that you will be so impressed with the service that you will want to stay with us.

The DVSA test fee for a weekend or evening test is £75 compared to £62 for a standard weekday driving test. So when upgrading from a weekday test the DVSA require a £13 payment with the booking. (If you subsequently swap the weekend test for a normal test the £13 is automatically refunded to the payment card).

We cannot Auto-book weekend or evening tests but unlike some of our competitors we will reserve them for you.

Weekend or summer evening tests are rarely available compared to the standard weekday test. But if we do find one for you we will reserve it for 10 minutes and notify you in the normal way. While it is reserved no one else can book it. Not even you!

You now have 10 minutes to get online at ready to pounce as soon as the our reserve period expires. Alternatively you could call the DVSA telephone booking service (Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm) and tell the operator that the appointment is reserved so that they can book it for you.

Sorry it’s a bit of a faff. But at least you get to book a test that you might not have heard about otherwise!

Yes we can.

On the Create / Update account form we ask for a ‘Do not book after’ date.

  • leave it blank and we look for appointments up to the date of your currently booked test
  • enter a date after your currently booked test and we will look for the first available test before the not after date but after your current test date. You might want to change the ‘not before’ date too or we might find something too close to the original date.

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