Can you find a test before theory certificate expires?

Let’s assume you are asking this question because you don’t have a test already booked and you can’t find one at your preferred test centre in time.

Slight problem – we need you to have a test booked for us to be able to search for cancellations for you.

Don’t worry – we have a cunning plan.

Go find a test now. It doesn’t matter where – or even when particularly. But not too soon. The more time we have to look the more likely we are to find something. Just book something – anything you can get. It doesn’t matter where because we won’t look at that test centre unless you ask us to. But don’t forget that it is your responsibility to cancel the test in the unlikely event that we are unable to find something better. Provided the DVSA receive at least 3 clear working days notice you will not lose your driving test fee. Sundays and public holidays do not count as working days.

Now we’ve got something to work with create your account. Tell us the test centre(s) where you really want the test and the dates you cannot be available.

Fun fact: You can have more than one valid theory certificate. When you pass the theory test your certificate is valid for a fixed period of 2 years. If your old certificate is nearing expiry you can take another test. When you pass your new certificate will be valid for 2 years from the date of the test. If you fail your current certificate will still be valid until it’s expiry date

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