Can you book weekend or evening tests?

The DVSA test fee for a weekend or evening test is £75 compared to £62 for a standard weekday driving test. So when upgrading from a weekday test the DVSA require a £13 payment with the booking. (If you subsequently swap the weekend test for a normal test the £13 is automatically refunded to the payment card).

We cannot Auto-book weekend or evening tests but unlike some of our competitors we will reserve them for you.

Weekend or summer evening tests are rarely available compared to the standard weekday test. But if we do find one for you we will reserve it for 10 minutes and notify you in the normal way. While it is reserved no one else can book it. Not even you!

You now have 10 minutes to get online at ready to pounce as soon as the our reserve period expires. Alternatively you could call the DVSA telephone booking service (Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm) and tell the operator that the appointment is reserved so that they can book it for you.

Sorry it’s a bit of a faff. But at least you get to book a test that you might not have heard about otherwise!

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