What about Extended Driving Tests?

If you have been convicted of a serious motoring offence the court may have ordered you to pass an Extended Driving Test before your driving licence can be reissued.

The Extended Driving Test is twice as long as a normal driving test. So this requires the same driving examiner to be available for two booking slots in a row. As you can imagine the probability of the same examiner having two consecutive test slots cancelled at the same time is vanishingly tiny.

We totally rely on the DVSA online booking service to find and change driving test bookings. In our experience the DVSA online booking system is simply not effective for booking Extended Driving Tests.

Our advice is to telephone the DVSA Driving Test Booking service available 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday. We understand the operators can reallocate examiners to test slots if necessary to make Extended Tests possible. Something a human can do but the online system is simply incapable of.

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